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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Regina Gibson

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I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessings.

- Ezekiel 34:26 NIV

Just as it says in Ecclesiastes chapter 3, to everything there is a season. A season of joy, mourning, hardship, abundance, etc… We tend to think our hard times or trials come from a place that isn’t from God but God actually uses trials to build our faith and to help us grow spiritually.

Ann Voskamp, who is a popular Christian author, says we don’t have a trial that doesn’t have a gift. I also heard a sermon by Pastor Steven Furtick at Elevation Church about the thorns in our lives: THORN stands for temptation, hardship,opposition, rejection and need. He uses Paul’s thorn as an example that the thorn is wrapped with a message from God. It may bring pain for a time but in the end it also brings God glory! This is how God showers blessings on us! If we don’t have a need it’s harder to see God working.

I had a time like this four years ago. I came down with a really bad case of strep throat. I remember it so vividly because I don’t think I had ever been so sick except for a time when I was in high school. I was in so much pain I couldn’t talk. I wrote everything down. I had a fever with aches along with my throat. To top it off I was throwing up too. I remember being in the bathtub and praying for God to help me. At that time I was writing down my blessings.

Ann Voskamp introduced me to a Greek word, eucharisteo. It means giving thanks for God’s grace which produces joy. In hard times she calls it hard eucharisteos; being thankful in hard times is hard but giving thanks precedes the miracle. You would think that being that sick I wouldn’t be able to recognize my blessings.

When something hard is happening in your life it helps to look for the blessings that God is still bestowing. So during this time I was thankful for honey, medicine, cold cloth, my daughter, pillow, blankets, movies, chicken noodle soup, water, salt water, almonds and bananas. Even though I was experiencing something hard God showered me with His blessings. After a few days I was getting better and I praised God for getting me through it, not only with His material blessings but also with the blessing of His presence.

The next time something hard comes up, like right now this season of COVID-19, look for God’s blessings in your life. Change your perspective, how you are looking at it.

Doesn’t the Bible tell us not to conform ourselves after the world but to be transformed by the renewing our minds? We do this by reading the Bible. Now is the time to live it! As believers, we are being called to stand out in our faith, to not be afraid! Show the world who we belong to by showing courage instead of fear.

God told us in the Bible that He works everything out for the good of those who love Him. We can rest in this promise. Just imagine all the blessings God is going to pour on us and is pouring on us right now through this difficult season! We will have many ways to glorify Him!


1. Remember a hard time from the past and know that what God did for you then, He will do now.

2. How can you glorify God right now in this difficult season?

3. Change your mindset by reading the Bible. Start today, if you haven’t already! Lane of Roses has some great resources to help you get started. Click HERE to check out God’s Great Story: A Year-Long Reading Guide.


Thank You for the good times and the hard times. I know You use hard times to grow my faith and trust in You. At this hard time right now I choose to trust You! I love You and I know You love me. I am thankful for Your love, grace, and mercy. I pray for Your protection and shield knowing that when we come out of this I will have many ways to praise You, thank You, and glorify Your name! Amen.



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