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Blind, But Now I See

Written by: Veronica Epler

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But while I am here in the world, I am the light of the world.

- John 9:5

In the beginning of John 9, we see Jesus reminding us that it is neither the man’s fault nor his parents’ that he was born blind, but rather that the works of God could be shown through him. This is such a good reminder to us that things that happen to us can be used for the furtherance of the gospel.

This blind man had sat there begging because that’s all he knew to do, and along comes Jesus who spits on the ground, makes clay and tells him to go wash it in the pool of Siloam. I mean what did the blind man have to lose? So he trusted Jesus, and went. He went to this sacred water to bathe in it. Then he was healed!

But his trust didn’t stop there - it turned to faith in Jesus. Not the clay, not the sacred water - but Jesus. Because He is the living water who healed the blind man.

He had no idea what Jesus looked like, or where He went, but he knew He healed him. He didn’t try to deny it and say it was the Pool of Siloam that did it. No, he proclaimed to everyone that a man named Jesus gave him sight.

Jesus may not be in human form in this world, but He is still here.

When we worship, when we pray, and when we share the Gospel - this is an invitation for Him to be the light in and through us. He becomes the light of our world, and those around us.

When we can’t see Jesus, do we still have that blind faith like the man in John 9 did? Do we trust Jesus to guide us to where we need to be? Do we let Him lay His hands on us and heal us? Do we let Him in?

Having blind faith is something that sometimes is looked down in today’s society, but don’t let that deter you from it friend. Because blind faith heals. It puts all your trust in Him - the One and only who can give us sight where we need it.

I mean, at the end of John 9 we see Jesus finding the formerly blind man and asking him if he believed in the Son of God. And he didn’t know who he was talking about, but when Jesus explains that it’s Him - the formerly blind man says he believes and worships Him!

So, let Him in today friend. Let Him guide you in His light. Don’t let spiritual blindness keep you from experiencing His glory and goodness.


1. Have you been “spiritually blind” lately?

2. What can you do to let Him open your eyes to His light and glory?


Heavenly Father, I come to You today humbly. Open my eyes to You and You alone. Show me where I’m sinful in my sight, and give me the strength to trust You in the way that You lead me. In Jesus’ name, amen.



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