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Denying the Truth

Written by: Addyson Scarborough

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Meanwhile, as Simon Peter was standing by the fire warming himself,

they asked him again, “You’re not one of his disciples, are you?”

He denied it, saying, “No, I am not."

- John 18:25

Denial, such a crude word, and an even more harsh feeling. Picture this, the person you look up to more than anyone, looking you in the eye and saying, ”A time will come when you will deny that you know me, and you won’t just do it once, you will do it multiple times.”

How embarrassing, right? How embarrassing for the person that you find most admirable in the entire world to know that a time will come where you will cower in so much fear that you pretend as if the bond you share doesn’t exist? That’s what Peter did, but unlike normal circumstances, Jesus wasn’t surprised. God prepared him.

I'm sure that you can think back on a time where it wasn't easy to proclaim your Christian faith. I know that I can, and it wasn’t from fear that I would be harmed. It was fear of being excluded, unaccepted, or put into this category of people that others feel like they have to tip-toe around.

As a follower of Jesus you will begin to see the world through the eyes of your Savior and others may not know what to do with that. It might make them feel uncomfortable which in turn could make you feel uncomfortable which further keeps you from speaking out about your faith. Few personalities enjoy presenting tension in the room. It’s so easy to feel torn between our human tendencies and our Godly new nature.

Unbelievers may sometimes stereotype Christians because they may not have been shown Christ’s love and how amazing it can be. This can sometimes result in it making it more difficult for us to know how to approach them and share God’s love with them. However, through continuing to build a relationship with Jesus and building that strong foundation in your relationship with Him, you will find it easier to speak out during those times of fear and doubt. He will sustain you in your weakest moments and even if you still catch yourself in a moment of denying Him, lean into this truth: we serve a forgiving God. A God who by nature knows the faults of man. He anticipates our shortcomings, and is equipped to cover us in His blood. We need only to ask.

There will be days where denial seems like the easiest option. The devil will paint it as the loophole to get out of some really uncomfortable and sticky situations. No one ever said that following Christ would be easy.

God’s people have been ridiculed back as far as time. However, Christianity has withstood the test of time, and you know why? Because it is Truth! It is the truth of an amazing God, and His unfailing love. It is truth that we can experience through choosing to live a life for Christ, and He is worth choosing. Every. Single. Time!


1. Can you recall a particular time or circumstance in your life where you felt as if you should deny knowing Jesus?

2. Make a plan that will help you stand up for your faith in times of adversity. This could be a phrase you can say or maybe a bracelet you wear as a reminder or a verse you post in your car.


Dear Lord, I am far from perfect, and I know that You are already well aware of the mess that I am. I am so grateful to have a friend in Jesus even when I fall short. Please help me to be a loyal and dependable friend to Him. Help me to be fearless when faced with situations where denial seems to be the easiest route. I am the daughter of the King, and Your Word tells us that no weapons formed against me shall prosper. Thank You for Your promises. I love You, Lord. Amen.



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