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Five Places I've Missed During Quarantine

Written by: Megan Garrett

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has changed the world and our lives in many ways. Being quarantined has made me realize just how many places I took advantage of in my life. Though many more could be added, here are a few of the places that I have missed during the quarantine.

Clothing Stores

Being able to try on clothes was something that I did not realize I valued so much. Like many people, the size that I need depends on the specific piece of clothing and place it’s from. So when summer made its way and I needed shorts, I couldn’t go to the store to try them on.

Clearly, not being able to shop how I want to is a small problem considering everything else going on in the world.

However, as life has gone on and I have wanted to buy a piece of clothing, I keep finding myself slightly annoyed at the situation. I have missed being able to go into several stores in one day and try on clothing until I find a piece I feel confident in.

Coffee Shops

I long for the day I will be able to walk into a coffee shop and smell the freshly brewed drinks and baked sweets! I love days out, and coffee shops are one of my favorite places to go to and just sit.

It always seems that the workers enjoy what they do and want to get to know their customers.

Whether I need to get work done, want to catch up with a friend, or simply have a peaceful drink, coffee shops seem to be the perfect place to go.

Movie Theatres

One of my favorite things to do is go see a new movie with friends. There is so much excitement in seeing something new on the large screens. We will rush to the concessions (somehow we always seemed to be running late), grab our desired snacks, and then go find our seats.

Of course, I was still able to watch movies during quarantine and some new movies were even released online. However, there is something different and special about a night at the movie theatre.

Friend’s Houses

As quarantine was slowly lifted, I have allowed myself to visit some of my friends. It was a couple of months after everything had shut down until I saw my closest friends again. I am a very social person and have a tendency to avoid my anxious thoughts by being busy.

There are not many times I like to be alone, so before quarantine, it was normal for me to spend at least five nights a week at a friend’s place. Though quarantine did teach me how to spend time in quiet with myself and with God, I am incredibly grateful to get to go over and spend time with my good friends once again.


You didn’t think that I’d forget this, did you? The final place that I have missed during quarantine is church. I feel incredibly blessed that technology has allowed for the option of online services, yet there is a completely different feeling when you get to attend in person.

One of the times I feel most connected to God is when I get to sing and worship with others. This is something that I have desperately missed during the quarantine.

Though I know God is good and He is using this time to work in the lives of many, I can not wait to be able to worship with my church community.



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