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From His Riches and Glory

Written by: Harriet Chunu

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I fall to my knees and pray… that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will

empower you with inner strength through his Spirit.

– Ephesians 3:14-16 NLT

Scripture repeatedly tells us to trust first and His promises will follow, as trust produces promises fulfilled. But how? When more often than not, we prefer to work this process in reverse.

I know I have! I have asked God to answer a specific prayer of mine or point me in the right direction so that I can trust Him more, and these are the moments I never forget. In His kindness He does answer those prayer requests before I fully trust, but even out of that, my trust only grows by a small percentage and after a few weeks I am back to square one, acting no different than I did the first time.

The more and more I studied at Ephesians 3:16, the more a question began to form that caused me to look deeply into my heart; if I knew that God could do immeasurably more than I could ever think or imagine, then why did I not believe it? Why did I not act like it? Talk like it? Come before His throne in prayer like I knew He could do even more than what I asked?

Thankfully, this has changed for me and I have truly learnt that faith in Him is simply all He requires from me – and Paul knew this too. In verse 14, Paul fell to his knees in prayer because he understood the depth and power of having the Holy Spirit in us. The Bible does not always mention a physical stance when praying, but in this case, Paul knelt, knowing he was a child of God and that God was able to fulfil his request to its entirety from His glorious, unlimited resource.

Paul made it an intention and a decision to pray for us so that we might know and seek God’s strength (inner strength), to understand what is going on around us. Being a child of God means that we have the fullness of God through the Holy Spirit. However, the gift of the Holy Spirit is not within us to be idle. When we think about gifts, the best ones are from those who know us best and how meaningful this gift would be to us. God is the same way in how He has gifted us with the Holy Spirit. Because He knows us and what we need more than we ever could, He gave us this gift of connection to prevent us from being defeated, afraid, or shaken.

In verse 16, the Amplified version of the Bible says, “May He grant you out of the riches of His glory” - God is in the business of granting or giving us something. Ultimately, He wants us to live in accordance with our position in Christ. Think of it this way, if a millionaire wrote you a check according to his wealth, you would be thrilled because you know how much it is worth. But if that same millionaire gave you $15, it will not be the same because it is out of what they think might be enough for you to get by. God does not give us something according to our standards or ideals, but He wants to give to us from His riches and glory.


1. What is one way in which you can put your trust in God today?

2. Take a moment to release and surrender one thing in faith and trust.


Father, thank You for giving me everything I need through the Holy Spirit such as daily inner strength; trusting that Your Spirit is way stronger than my daily unbelief or lies that tell me You are not enough. Help me to keep this truth in my heart, that You are even more than what I think is possible, and empower me with inner strength through Your Holy Spirit. Amen.



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