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Holiday Season Bucket List

Written by: Brianna Williamson

The holiday season can be an interesting time. I know that I have so many feelings and emotions that are associated with this time of year. Some of them are positive and others not so great, but the very good news is that this time of year is really not about me at all; it’s about Jesus. This year I want to challenge you to turn your eyes to the One we are celebrating. Here are a few ways we can have a more Christ - focused Christmas.

1. Create or choose to send Christmas Cards that share your faith!

This is an easy way to share about your faith in Jesus with friends and family. You can even take time to pray for each person’s salvation (their personal faith in Christ and deliverance from sin) as you prepare their card. I always love to receive handmade cards that have a personal message, but you could even add a Bible verse to a store-bought card. Some good ones to choose from may be 1 John 5:11 or John 3:16.

2. Commit to attending a church Christmas service (in person or virtually) with your family or a friend. Take time on Christmas Eve or even on Christmas Day just to focus on the miracle that is God coming down from Heaven to dwell among us (John 1:14).

3. Create a nativity or manger scene.

Nativity scenes are a special exhibition of art that represent the birth of Jesus. In these setups you will see Mary, the mother of Jesus, and her husband Joseph looking over the baby Jesus. Of course you can buy many different versions, but I challenge you to take time to create your own by either sculpting, drawing, or writing out a paraphrase based on Scripture. Get creative!

4. Give a gift of service to family members or friends.

The New Living Translation of John 13:14-15 says, And since I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you ought to wash each other’s feet.” In Acts 20:35 we are told that Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Giving an unexpected gift of service is one way we can demonstrate Christ-like love. Make something special and personalized to the person you are serving! Maybe you make your friend a meal or do the laundry for your mom.

5. Set aside a special time to read through the Christmas account in Luke 1 & 2.

Maybe you decide to take some time to read though it with your family or a friend. If you read through it on your own, consider setting yourself up with a journal and pen so you can take notes for better concentration and reflection. You may even check out our For Unto Us - A 7 Day Reading Guide About the Christmas Story found HERE!

6. Plan a service project or participate in one.

Is there an organization in your town that has an Angel Tree where you buy gifts for children in need? Does your local shelter have a coat drive? Does the local food bank give out Christmas food baskets? Participate!! Remember Jesus’ example of serving and giving. If there are not programs like this near you, start one yourself. Find ways to give back and serve the people in your community. Maybe you start by taking a meal to your elderly neighbor or going out to buy groceries for them.

7. Give God a very special personalized gift from you.

This gift is one that will be a sacrifice; something that may be difficult for you to give but that no one else has to know about but God. Maybe your gift to Him is a gift of forgiveness and you choose to forgive someone that you have been holding bitterness towards for a while now. Maybe your gift is a commitment to study His Word more regularly. Maybe your gift is a giving up of a bad habit or distraction that is keeping you from doing the things He is asking you to do. Just maybe, you have been on the fence about this whole relationship with God thing and now you finally feel ready to give Him the best gift of all and accept Jesus as your savior for the very first time! Find more info on how to do that HERE.

I hope that you will decide to do one or several of these things this season as you remember the ultimate gift we were given in the person of Jesus.



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