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Hope in our Sin - David and Bathsheba

Written by: Mary Underwood

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Then Jesus said to her, "Your sins are forgiven."

- Luke 7:48

Have you ever sinned and tried in your own might to cover it up and hide it from God, others, and even yourself? Even with your best efforts, did it result in more sin, damage, and pain?

David knew what it was to be entangled in sin and try to untangle the mess with more sin. In 2 Samuel chapters 11-12, we see the complex deceit, brokenness, and hopelessness in this man’s life. To summarize, David saw Bathsheba. He coveted her; thus, he had an affair with her. The outcome? A pregnant woman. David calls Bathsheba’s husband home from war in hopes that he would lay with his wife and resolve the issue. This is David’s first attempt to cover up his sin. The husband did not go see his wife, so David had him over for dinner and made him drunk in hopes that in his drunken state he would go home to his wife. He did not. This is David’s second attempt to cover up his sin. David sent the husband back to war and put him on the frontline that he would be struck down and die. This is David’s third and final attempt to cover his sin.

David coveted, engaged in sexual sin, abused his power, deceived, manipulated, and then murdered.

Have you ever been like David? Me too. Sin looks good, promises good, and tells us at times that we have no other choice. But sin is a liar. It never gives what it promises, always takes us deeper than we ever want to go, and keeps us longer than we ever want to stay. As a believer, I was engaged in sin and actively disobeying. When I wanted to stop the sin that was destroying me and hurting God, I felt hopeless. Hopeless because I said I’d stop a month ago and the month before that and the month before that. Hopeless because I couldn’t change myself. Hopeless because I was drowning in the very thing I wanted to quit. Hopeless that I couldn’t solve my own issues of sin. Like David, I thought I could “fix” things and make everything seem right and no one would have to know the sins I committed.

So, what hope was there for David? What hope do we have in our sin? What hope do we have to change?

This is our hope: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. He came to rescue us because He knew that we could not save or change ourselves. By His sacrifice on the cross, He provided the covering of our sins and gave us the power to overcome sin. You are saved by Jesus and kept by Jesus due to His work on the cross. Jesus is our hope.

The hope we have is in a God who forgives, not because we fixed ourselves or corrected the situation, but because we repented and confessed our need for Him. The honest cry of repentance from David in Psalm 51 is beautiful. I said those verses tenfold as I asked the Lord to save me and change the desires of my heart. And He did just that. Through His grace, power, and faithful character, He changed me. Freed me. Redeemed me. His character is our hope.

Through David’s life, I’ve learned that:

- We have hope in the midst of our sin because God is in the midst of our sin.

- Our hope to be saved from sin is solely due to Christ’s work on the cross, thus we are saved by Jesus and kept by Jesus.

- My ability to sin is not greater than God’s ability to save.

Today, when I sin and find myself feeling hopeless, I no longer try to manipulate the situation or create a way out of it, but I turn from my sins and look to the mighty yet gentle Jesus and the hope that lays in His saving hands.


1.) How, like David, are you trying to be your own Savior and cover your sin?

2.) Why do you not believe that God can save you from certain sins?

3.) In the midst of your darkest times, where and who do you place your hope in?



Thank You for Your desire to save us. Thank You that while we are undeserving, Your grace shines to forgive. We stand in awe of Your power and goodness. We praise You that Your character doesn’t change. I honestly ask that You reveal areas where I am unrepentant. Please soften my heart that I would confess and surrender to You as I strive to place my hope in You alone. In the precious name of Jesus Christ, Amen.



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