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I Thirst...

Maddie Wilson

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Jesus knew that his mission was now finished, and to fulfill Scripture he said, “I am thirsty.”

- John 19:28

Beads of sweat form at my brow; I close my eyes in defeat as I give myself over to the fire of a heartache that is engulfing every corner of my being. Reminders of my sins strike my weak body in heated waves like flames. My temperature continues to rise, but despite my wounds I muster enough strength to look up from where I am lying at the foot of the Cross. I speak to Him, my sins visible like burns.

“Jesus, I have lit these fires inside me; and they have left me as nothing but ashes. I am so weak, so thirsty.”

The only One who can quench that thirst is Jesus.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” - John 14:6 NIV

Most times, it is at the foot of the Cross (in the most shameful of moments) where we learn just how much we need Jesus. There is an emptiness that comes with being separated from God as a result of sin, and we seek to fill that void. Sin can be the wolf in sheep’s clothing (Matthew 7:15 KJV) during this search. Sin that may bring instant gratification, pleasure, and maybe even happiness can be tempting in times of vulnerability; but that gratification is only temporary and leaves us feeling unfulfilled. Even happiness, though beautiful and sought after, is only an emotion; emotions come and go. Joy, however, is permanent, and joy is found through quenching our thirst through the love of Jesus.

Jesus came down from Heaven so that He could not only quench our thirst for Him, but also experience our suffering as humans. (For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet he did not sin. - Hebrews 4:15 NIV) Some of His last words on the Cross were, “I am thirsty.”

Jesus was experiencing actual thirst on the Cross as He was fully man, and He was also thirsting to be reunited with his Father just as we are. His spiritual thirst was twofold: Jesus was thirsting for His Father as Man, but as God He was also thirsting for us to be in communion with Him. It is through His gift of the Cross that Jesus forgives all of our sins and provides us with grace. We must only choose to accept that gift so our thirst may be quenched and our emptiness filled through Him.


1. In what moments have you turned to Jesus to quench your thirst?

2. What does knowing that Jesus thirsted for you on the Cross remind you of His love for you?


Lord Jesus, I want to thank You for the sacrifice You made for us on the Cross so that we may have new life in You. I am so thankful that You thirsted for me on the Cross and that You love me and want me even when I fall short. Jesus, I humbly ask that You continue walking with me and quenching my thirst. Please help me to accept the gift of grace and love that You have given me through your Cross, and help me to glorify You in everything I do. Amen.




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