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I Took a Personality Test… Now What?

Written by: Kelsey Durrenburg

Enneagram. Myers-Briggs, Hexaco, True Colors. There are so many different personality tests to choose from. The motive behind taking any of them? To learn more about who we are. There are tests that are more based upon your innate personality, and others that are based upon your motivations and experiences in life.

The reality is we are complex people, made in the image of a complex God. We can take every personality test in existence, but it means nothing without the understanding that what defines us first and foremost should be who we are in relation to who He is, because that is the only thing that lasts. It provides the only truth about ourselves that is worth standing upon - for it is an unshakable and firm foundation that doesn’t ever change.

So how can taking a test and learning more about our personalities help us serve and honor God?

Psalm 139:14 says, Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it.” Knowing about ourselves, learning about the person God made us to be, celebrating that we are uniquely made can help us to achieve the purposes He set out for us to do long ago.

It can help us learn about the personalities of others so that we can build healthy, strong, respectful, and loving relationships with people.

It can help us learn how we work best, what we value in the workplace, and how we function best within a team.

It can help us to look in the mirror and love the person staring back at us, knowing full well our strengths and weaknesses and choosing to honor God with our whole person.

Here are some practical tips we can follow and questions we can ask ourselves after taking a personality test! Remember, as “wonderfully complex” people created in the image of God, we won’t fit into a perfect little personality box and that’s okay!!

As you are reading through your results:

  • Underline all of the things that you identify with.

  • Circle all of the parts that don’t quite fit your personality

  • Put * by anything you’d like to look into further

  • Read through other potential results to learn about other personality type summaries (this will help you in relationships with others)

  • Decide if you think the results are accurate enough to represent your personality (remember you know yourself better than any test!)

Questions we can ask ourselves:

  • What truths did you learn or confirm about yourself?

  • What do you agree are your strengths and weaknesses?

  • How can you use your strengths and weaknesses to serve God?

  • What of this knowledge can help you in your home, work, and relationships?

  • What is something about yourself/your personality that you have had trouble accepting either now or in the past?

  • How can you learn to celebrate going forward in light of who God says you are and how He created you to be?

No matter our personality, God says that in Him (Jesus) we are loved, made pure, alive, clear minded, a part of God’s family, wonderfully made, clothed in strength and dignity without fear of the future. Sure, on this earth we might not always see ourselves clearly in this way, but this is what God says is true of all who believe in and follow Jesus. Let us remember that our personalities can never become an excuse we use not to carry out the purposes God set for us- Loving Him and loving others! May we use the personalities God gave us to live out those purposes for the rest of our days!



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