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If Promises are Knots, Then God’s Promises are the Strongest

Written by: Megan Garrett

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Now please swear to me by the Lord that you will also show kindness to my father’s family because I showed kindness to you. Give me a sure sign.

- Joshua 2:12

When thinking of making a commitment to someone, I picture tying a knot. There are many different types of knots, some more secure than others. A bowknot, the one we use to tie shoes, is an easy knot to learn but will come undone without much effort. This type of knot is what I picture when thinking of your daily agreement, like telling your roommate you will do the dishes. You’ll probably do it, but something may distract you.

Then, there are knots like the square knot, which is more secure. That’s like when we make promises to each other. There is a heaviness to that word that binds us to what we are saying. When people get married they vow that they will take care of one another. It’s a serious commitment. Still, there is a stronger knot - the Palomar’s knot. It is thought of as the strongest knot. That is what I imagine when I think of the promises that God makes to us.

Throughout the Bible, we see examples of God fulfilling His promises to His children. One story that shows God fulfilling His promise is Rahab and the Spies. Joshua sends spies into Caanan as he prepares to reclaim the promised land. The spies enter the city and decide upon the house of the Rahab, the prostitute. It was the perfect place to avoid detection by the strict guard as they wouldn’t question two travelers going into the house of a harlot. Her house was also on the wall, which would make for easy escape. Later, we find out that this was apart of God’s plan.

Rahab, a woman raised as a Pagan, had heard of the great things that the God of Israel was doing. She knew that He was the true Lord and because of this when guards came to her house looking for the spies, she protected them and directed the guards elsewhere. In return, the spies promised that they would spare her family. Though this was not a direct promise from God, she put her faith in the promise of God’s protection.

It’s safe to say that this interaction was ordained by God, as Rahab comes to know the Lord and is an ancestor of Jesus (Matthew 1:5). We can learn a lot about faith from Rahab. She could have gone to the guard and exposed the spies, but she knew that God would help His people claim the land. She then put her trust in Him that He would protect her family. He used His people to fulfill His promise.

If promises are knots, then God’s promises are the strongest. They cannot be broken, and we can trust them to last. Sometimes we want God to show His kept promises in a grand, ethereal way, but oftentimes He uses our brothers and sisters as He works through them. Rahab didn’t have direct interaction with God; yet, she trusted in His plan and acted faithfully. I can only pray that I act as brave as she for the glory of God.


1. God often uses His other children to answer prayers. What is an example from your life where God answered prayer through someone in your life?

2. God asks us to be bold in our faith. How is He asking you to be bold right now?


God, thank You for being a God who keeps His promises. Sometimes I struggle to have faith in the plan You have for me, but throughout Scripture, You remind me that You stay true to Your Word. Thank You for having a plan for me and I pray that I keep my focus on You. Amen.



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