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Jesus is Arrested

Written by: Vaché King

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Then Jesus, knowing all that was about to happen to Him, went to them and asked, “Whom do you want?” They answered Him, “Jesus the Nazarene.” Jesus said, “I am He.” And Judas, who was betraying Him, was also standing with them.

- John 18:4-5 (AMP)

Today’s time is filled with cancel culture. Think about it. Colin Kaepernick, took a knee and he lost his entire NFL career. But let’s bring this closer to home. If you knew the person you were going to hug, just slandered your name, would you still hug them? If you knew the person was just gossiping about you, would you still speak to them? Would you sever the relationship?

What if they were a dear loved one? I mean severing a relationship may not be a challenge if they are only an acquaintance; but what is your attitude when you have been friends for a long time, or if it’s a family member? May I offer you an answer to that? Their position in your life would be canceled; sent on the first thing smoking.

Now what’s left? Let’s be honest, betrayal hurts, and being women, our emotions take us to a place of grief as if we have lost someone. You know those stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. And because I have ALL the feelings and emotions, let me add isolation, desertion, loneliness, and emptiness. Pretty desolate huh?

I recall a time being in this state. Not from betrayal of a friendship or a loved one, but from not trusting God with my life. I was a teenager, my parents were divorced, I was living with my grandparents, not going to school much; partying so much, my days and nights were confused. To top it off, I picked up a drinking habit and became so bold and disrespectful, I kept it in my closet. Yep, in my grandparents’ home! Vodka numbed my pain of life and putting it simply, became my “god.”

Before I knew it, I had become engulfed in my sin of habitual drinking, hanging with the wrong crowd, and making all the wrong decisions (Psalm 38:4-5). Of course it didn’t start off that way, you know at first sin is fun. Feels good to the flesh, and if not confronted and dealt with, continues (Genesis 4:7).

And so it did...continue. I have no memory of how long this period went on, but I can honestly say, the consequences of my sins lasted for years. I mean after all, I was giving into the flesh, so I was reaping to the flesh as well (Galatians 6:8). It’s funny though, being in Christ, He will meet you right where you are. Even if it is at the bottom of the bottle.

I reflect back on a particular evening, nothing new, I had been out all night, drinking, and coming home in the wee hours of the morning. The next day was a school day, but because it was not customary for me to go, I proceeded to the closet and put up my clothes. And for the first time, I noticed the bottles in the bag.

Leaning over to open the bag, all 5 bottles were empty. Did you hear me EMPTY! I began to cry, no not because I was out (eyes roll), but because God began to speak. Although I didn’t understand what this meant then, I do now, for He said, “I have seen your pain, and collected your tears” (Psalm 56:8).

He reminded me that I was loved, valued, redeemed, adopted, and I had an inheritance in Him (Ephesians 1:1-11). How could I have forgotten? Had life dealt me so much, I had completely forgotten about His love for me?

He told me if He had to, He would meet me at the end of every bottle. This was the game changer. All life had to offer, I turned inward to it, and away from Jesus, who first loved me. Why is all of this even relevant you ask? The Scripture references at the beginning, John 18:4-5. You see, God knew I would sin (Jeremiah 1:5), He knew in advance what life would offer and how I would respond...Yet, He still sent His son to die for me (Romans 5:8).


1. Where did God through Jesus Christ meet you at the bottom of?

2. Did you know that nothing can separate you from the love of God? How does that make you view your past decisions?


Lord, thank You for being God; all knowing, all powerful, and an all present God. Lord, thank You for seeing beyond who we are and loving us so much, You sent Your son for reconciliation and restoration unto You. We are eternally grateful, in Jesus precious name we pray. Amen!



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