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Written by: Meredith Miller

At the end of 2012, my mom invited me to join her in memorizing Scripture during 2013- I didn’t hesitate to agree.

2012 had not been a banner year for me. A relationship that I thought was leading to marriage ended very abruptly. I spent much of 2012 searching for a job. After getting hired by a charter school, I learned the school was being investigated and that my job was not secure.

In short, I desperately needed God to send a wind of change through my life. Then He started showing me the first verse I should memorize. Because many people knew about my struggles, several people sent me:

Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? - Isaiah 43:19a (ESV)

Then it appeared in a Bible Study I was doing. Then our pastor preached about it. God was pretty clear, so I submitted it as my first memory verse in 2013.

At first, not much changed. In fact, I was forced to make the decision to resign from my job! But then, I got a call from my dream school about an interview. This was it! God would do a new thing! Instead, I was passed up for TWO open positions. I hit rock bottom. 2013 was not looking any brighter than 2012.

Then God finally did a new thing. Halfway through the summer, the principal of my dream school called: He might have another position opening up and wanted to hire me. I was floored! I thought this opportunity had been deader than a doornail. A few days later it was official: the position was mine! I fell face first in my apartment and wept tears of joy, unable to articulate the words to thank God.

Then God did a different new thing. My parents’ friends from college included my future father-in-law, who attended Penn State at the same time as them. His son, Justin, was moving to Columbus, and he contacted my parents so Justin would know someone in town. My mom invited me to dinner with my parents and Justin, and that is where I met my now-husband at the beginning of 2014. God’s plan to bring us together stretched back into the 1970s, all so He could do a new thing right when I least expected it.

Today, things in my life are starting to feel oddly familiar. The last two years were not banner years for me. After 10 months of trying to conceive, I learned I was pregnant but then miscarried one week later. When we were ready to try again, we began fertility treatments. Now, two and a half years into our journey, we are still not parents.

But as the calendar flipped to 2020, there was Isaiah 43:19a again. Texted to me by my mom and her friends, shared on devotional apps, and mentioned in a worship song. God was trying to remind me of the new things He did before, and that He could and would do again. Just like in 2013, I latched on for dear life.

I have selected “brand-new” as my word for 2020, which comes from the Message translation:

Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new. It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it? -Isaiah 49:13a

I’m already starting to see God do new things in my life.

Embarking on this journey with Lane of Roses has been the biggest surprise of my life! Never did I think God would use me to write about my faith to women all over the world. New things are happening at my job as well. I’m being looked to for more leadership as we make major changes, and I have never been more excited.

And, as I am writing this, my husband and I are beginning IVF. When you read this, we may be a few months into our miracle. But I know, whatever the future holds for this part of our story, God is going to do something brand new. And I can’t wait to see what it is.



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