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Written by: Savannah Baker

I was sitting in a taxi somewhere in Pemba, Mozambique, Africa, looking at the view pictured below when the Lord spoke to me. At the time, I was blindsided by God’s timing because, in my mind, He couldn’t have picked a worse moment. I woke up that day in a horrible mood, pouring sweat, and incredibly ungrateful. By the time I’d found myself in that taxi, my mood was almost toxic. Even though I knew being in Africa was a fulfillment of a promise God had given me in the eighth grade, the only thing I could I think about was that I’d traveled half-way across the world to possibly die of a heat stroke or by falling through the rusted hole in the taxi floor. Of course, looking back now, I know God met me at the exact right moment. I won’t go into details about everything He said to me that day, but I will tell you what He asked of me: to give up my life-long dream of going to medical school and to, instead, pursue a law degree. In other words, God was asking me to make a sacrifice.

Sacrifice. A word that often makes Christians squirm in their seats and become uncertain about whether their faith is really worth it. This, of course, is understandable as we are only human and have a natural aversion to difficult things. However, Christianity isn’t easy, and as I sat in that taxi, listening to the outpouring of God’s heart, I realized that sometimes it’s just not about me either. As children of God, we are called to think bigger than ourselves. What I mean by that is that we should be living in a kingdom mindset; and a kingdom mindset may require you to give up something in order to further a Heavenly goal.

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” - Ephesians 2:10

If this Bible verse tells us anything, it’s that we, as believers, don’t own our futures. God does, and if we let Him, He’ll give us so much more than we could give ourselves. Since my creation, He has had a plan for me. That day in the taxi cab, God was just asking me to join Him in that plan. I admit—it was a painful ask. I had to lay down a part of myself to make room for Him...But I said “yes” because my fear of missing out on His movement was stronger than my desire to go to medical school. And I will honestly tell you, it was the BEST decision I’ve ever made! You see, what ended up happening was that through my obedience, God molded my heart to reflect His heart. His dream became my dream, and I became excited about our plans.

While God may not ask you to give up an entire dream—like He did me—He may ask you to sacrifice how you think your dream should be accomplished. This can be difficult too, especially if you’re Type A like me. When I find myself resisting God’s leading, I often pray the following: “God I’m not willing to do what you ask of me right now, but I am willing to be made willing. Lord, make me willing to be obedient.” While this might not seem like a lot, it’s the first step in His direction.

“If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good things of the land.” - Isaiah 1:19

In all honesty, when I now think about medical school, it’s always in passing and always with gratitude that I didn’t actually pursue it. I am content with my chosen path (i.e. law school) because it’s where I know the Lord wants me. There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing you are exactly in the position God wants you in. You are primed and ready for whatever He has for you because you know it’ll be for your good and His glory! If God is calling you to make a sacrifice, to give up everything and follow Him, do it. You won’t regret it because God is a good God, who has designed a plan for you that is hand-crafted, bountiful, and perfect.



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