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The Only Bread You’ll Ever Need

Written by: Jolene Combs

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I tell you the truth, anyone who believes has eternal life. Yes, I am the bread of life!

- John 6:47-48

Food. Everyone needs it to live. When a pandemic hits or a big snow storm is coming people flock to the grocery stores to stock up on every type of food imaginable. For some reason it’s usually the bread that goes first.

Bread, in its various forms, can be found in cultures across the world. In South America it can be found in the form of a tortilla. In India you’ll eat naan (a personal favorite). In the Mediterranian you’ll find pitas. France is famous for their baguettes. Bread is arguably one of the most universally important types of food. Even in Jesus’ day He knew this and so it’s no surprise that He compared Himself to being the Bread of life.

“Jesus replied, ‘I am the bread of life…’” - John 6:35.

The culture and people that Jesus was speaking to had to have bread to survive. They made it themselves and bought it in the street markets whenever it was available. Even the poorest among them knew they could beg for scraps of food.

Jesus compared Himself to something He knew they couldn’t live without.

How long have you had to go without eating? Maybe you had a bad stomach bug and absolutely nothing sounded appetizing. Maybe you participated in a fast and went without eating for a day or two. Whatever the case, it’s safe to say that you were extremely ready for food when the time came and you felt like eating. That first taste of your favorite food after abstaining for whatever reason is a feeling unlike any other.

Jesus was making a point He really hoped His hearers would understand. Maybe He even looked in the future and saw our food-driven society and knew we’d understand His analogy.

He desperately wants us to understand that without His life-giving power living inside of us we won’t last long.

According to healthline.com, “Your body can be subject to starvation after a day or two without food or water.” I don’t necessarily want to test that theory, but I can believe it’s true.

When was the last time you went a few days or maybe weeks without spending time with and “digesting” the true Bread of Life? Oh sure, we try to substitute it with other forms of life that we think will bring us sustenance, but it never really pays out does it? Try feeding your body nothing but junk food for a while and see how you function. What kind of “junk food” do you try to substitute for the Bread of Life?

A lot of the time we do it without even thinking. We push aside the whisper in our head that calls us to spend more time with Him. We drown out His still, small voice with things that we think will bring us life. I can tell you from experience that it never works in the long run.

So why waste your time trying to find a substitute for the Bread of Life? Why not take part of it daily and see the benefits He promises are in store for us. He’s offering it to you. Will you take it?


1. Take some time to think about what “substitutes” for the Bread of Life have a tendency to show up in your life.

2. What practical steps can you take to spend more valuable time with the Bread of Life?


Jesus, I find myself searching after forms of “bread” that never fully satisfy me. You’ve told me time and time again that You’re the Bread of Life and the only way I can live out my fullest purpose. Strengthen me daily to spend that time in Your Word and may others see the benefits of truly “digesting” the purest form of life You offer.



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