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We Can’t Always Outrun Danger

Written by: Megan Garrett

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He sends from heaven and saves me, rebuking those who hotly pursue me --

God sends forth his love and his faithfulness.

- Psalm 57:3

At three in the morning, I woke up to the sound of the television being turned on, and unless one of the dogs with me had learned how to work remotes, I wasn’t the only person in the house. Not anymore, at least.

It was summer and the comforter I had been using was thrown off the bed as dried sweat had left my body sticky. I was house-sitting for a family on vacation and was already on edge from being in a new place that sat on wooded land. When I woke up to that sound, I nervously called my mom as I looked around. After turning off the television, and not seeing anything out of place, I hung up and made my way back to the bed. Not before locking the bedroom door, though. Not five minutes later, I had settled back in and heard the thumps of someone running through the hallway outside my door.

My chest felt tight and my muscles rigid, but I willed myself to stand up and walk quietly to the attached bathroom and locked that door, as well. I called my mom back, and after talking to her, called 911. I can’t remember much other than my fear and praying to God. The 911 operator tried to keep me talking but I stayed as quiet as I could because I heard shuffling in the next room. After thirteen minutes went by she said, “Megan, the police are there now. I need you to go let them inside. Do you have a weapon you can bring with you?” I did not. But still, I crept out and let the police officer inside. He looked around and found nothing. Everything looked okay. And so… he left.

That story is pretty anticlimactic. That is all that came of it. My mom is sure I imagined it. The house owners thought it could be some kids pranking me. Or the grandparents coming in to grab something. But I know I heard something, and I know that the fear I felt was real. I didn’t have a weapon. And I didn’t exactly know the threat. But I knew I had God on my side.

We see this truth in David’s story too, as described in the Psalm above. Psalm 57 was written during a period where King Saul was pursuing and trying to kill him. When David was running from King Saul, he cried out to God for mercy, and just like David writes, God so faithfully “sends from Heaven and saves”. David hid in a cave but took refuge in the arms of the Lord.

There are going to be times where we are going to face danger and want to run as far as possible. Whether the threat is deadly or just something we do not want to face, we can’t always get away from it. We cannot protect ourselves from all the peril that the world holds. What we can do is learn from David and give our lives over to God. If we trust in His plan, then we can have peace in our circumstances. I don’t know if I was in danger that night, but I know that God was with me through it all.


1. Think of a time in your life when you felt threatened. How did God walk with you through it and protect you?

2. Is there something that God is calling you to face? Meditate on this and then give control over to Him. Obey His call and trust in His plan.


God, in Psalm 57 we see how scared David was and how he found shelter in you. He went to you for the solution, as he knew he could not hide on his own forever. Thank you for protecting me from harm when I see the danger and even when I do not. You are a loving Father and I can trust that You will protect me.




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