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What Voices are in Your Ear?

Celeste Warner

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The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.

- Proverbs 11:25

Folding her hands on the top of her desk, she raised her head to look me in the eye. “You just need to believe in yourself, Celeste. You’re doing well in the class. I know you can do this.”

Mrs. Thompson has been my teacher for two classes during my college career—one class for my undergraduate degree and one class for my graduate degree. I’ve loved having Mrs. Thompson as a teacher (and not just because she loves Jane Austen as much—if not more—than I do). I’ve loved having Mrs. Thompson as a teacher because she’s always believed in me and encouraged me.

That day in her office, I sat across from her, anxious about the rest of the semester. I’d been working hard in her graduate class (and had been receiving good grades), but I didn’t feel like I would succeed in meeting the class’s expectations. However, Mrs. Thompson fully believed in me. She knew that I could succeed, and she did everything in her power to encourage me to believe in myself too.

The people we allow to give us advice and help us make big decisions matters. They can either encourage or discourage us. And it’s important that we find individuals who will lift us up and guide us to look at God and His Word.

I’ve always said that if God ever called me to be a teacher, I would want to be a teacher like Mrs. Thompson—a teacher who genuinely cares for her students, sees their potential, and works diligently to help them see their potential too.

Without Mrs. Thompson’s encouragement, I know I wouldn’t have the confidence I needed to do well—her love and positivity helped me to see my ability and my potential. My semester ends this month, and I don’t know if I will ever have Mrs. Thompson as my teacher again. But I do know that I will take her example of Godly encouragement with me and use it to influence the world around me.


1. Which individuals have served as Godly mentors in your life?

2. How did they encourage you in your walk with God?

3. What can you do to be a Godly teacher/mentor to the people in your life?


Abba Father, Thank You so much for placing Godly mentors and teachers in my life to encourage me. Help me to take everything they’ve taught me and become a better person for You. I want to show others Your love like my mentors and friends have shown me. Thank You for being my first example of a Godly teacher. I pray I always look to You and Your Word in times of worry and uncertainty. I love You, Abba, Amen.



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