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When We Come to Him, We Leave Healed

Written by: Saphace Asamoah

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Ever since the world began, no one has been able to open the eyes of someone born blind.”

- John 9:32

Have you ever broken a bone and then had to wear a cast that the doctor put on you? Or maybe you had to get surgery to address something else that was wrong. Doctors can treat all kinds of things. But they can’t heal our deepest, unseen, unspoken wounds. Only God can do that.

In the story of the man born blind, Jesus’ encounter with him tells us a lot about His healing power and His ability to bring people out of spiritual blindness. The man wasn’t born blind because of His parents’ sin or for any other reason but that Jesus might make evident God’s power. But you know what Jesus does to make this man see? He spits on the ground, makes clay, and rubs it on the man’s eyes, sending him off to wash it away in a pool nearby.

Ladies, when I think about Jesus’s power, my first thought isn’t that His spit must be magical. I don’t go around spitting and I highly doubt my spit would be enough to make mud. Sounds like Jesus was a resourceful guy. He used something natural to heal someone in a supernatural way. Interesting, right? Doctors study for years and years about how to cure cancer, how to treat broken bones, how to perform a surgery. And all Jesus does is use His spit?! It’s a unique method to heal someone, to say the least.

There are a lot of things we don’t like to share with others. Things we’ve kept so hidden that maybe only our dog knows. But God’s love is unconditional. That’s a word so beyond us that human love always falls short of it. Unconditional. If you’re anything like me, you’ve got trust issues sometimes. I had a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that God would come so near to me that no mistake I had made would make Him leave me. No impure thought, no hurtful word, no selfish act would make Him change His mind.

Weird... Because that’s not how humans are.

I’ve read all kinds of stuff that say how you view your own father parallels how you view God. I think how you experience love from others, in general, must also affect how we see God. If we are around unforgiving people who get angry all the time, it’s hard to believe there are people out there who forgive and don’t get angry. Unconditional love? Sounds like something out of an idealistic story book. Just like those happily-ever-after children’s stories. It’s not real. Or is it?

Even though we are created in God’s image we aren’t God. My love for others is human and conditional. The only book you can find that teaches unconditional love is the Bible.

I wasn’t born blind like the man in today’s reading. But I do commit sin all the time. God knows that. Jesus was the only one who could heal the blind man. Just the same, God is the only one who can heal all the unseeable things. Even if the world criticizes and casts judgment, God isn’t like that. He doesn’t make you feel ashamed. When we come and know Him, we live healed. And it sets us free to live with such joy that we want to keep sharing it with those around us.


1. Have you ever been so glad to be healed from something (eg. physical, spiritual, etc.) that you wanted to tell someone about it?

2. How can sharing your story of healing with someone show others about who God really is? That He isn’t critical of us or judgmental?

3. What are ways you’ve experienced God’s unconditional love? How has that helped change your view of God? Of yourself? And of others?


God, You give us healing and freedom. No one else sees me and knows me like You do. Thank You for reminding me that I am unconditionally loved and that there is no mistake I have made that will change Your mind about me. Amen.



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