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Why Do We Celebrate Easter?

Written by: Kayla Sanders

I grew up in a Christian home, hearing all the old adages and battle cries of Christianity on Easter Sunday. We’d sing “Amazing Grace,” “In Christ Alone,” and “At Calvary.” To be honest, it just felt like a ritual we did every year. I didn’t understand the importance of celebrating Easter. We talked about Jesus dying on the cross year round, so why exactly was this one day in late March or early April SO important?

In 2 Peter 1:12, Peter writes, “Therefore, I will always remind you about these things—even though you already know them and are standing firm in the truth you have been taught.” In the United States, we celebrate holidays like Veterans Day, remembering past victories from a war. Easter is no different! It’s a memorial day dedicated to the resurrection of Christ.

In 1 Corinthians 15:13-19, Paul gives us 5 reasons why we need to remember the resurrection of Christ:

1. Our faith is in vain.

Honestly, we could end our discussion right here. If there’s no resurrection or if we don’t actively remember the resurrection, then what’s the point of our faith? Unfortunately, many Christians find themselves in seemingly hopeless situations. However, I argue that it’s more likely they’ve allowed something besides the resurrection to fuel their faith. When we go back and relive the events of Calvary, the power of the resurrection, and our personal salvation moments, we find hope in Christ. That hope then fuels our faith. When we remember that our hope is in Him, our circumstances don’t disappear but rather the grasp of our circumstances loosens.

2. Our preaching is a lie.

Without the resurrection, the testimony of billions of Christians throughout history is absolutely meaningless. Every sermon, Bible study, podcast, blog post, devotional--they all mean nothing if the resurrection never happened or worse, is forgotten by those charged to remember it. Easter is important because we remind ourselves that the resurrection really happened. Without the resurrection, we have no authority to declare to unbelievers that Jesus can make a difference in their lives like He has made a difference in ours.

3. Our sin still binds us.

While we each gain personal independence from sin on the day of our salvation, Christ’s death on Calvary opened the door so we could overcome our sinful nature. The resurrection was the final evidence that Christ was the Son of God. (Because who do you know that can raise themselves from the dead?) Without the evidence of the resurrected Christ, the validity of Christ’s claims as the Son of God would be called into question. This would eventually lead us to spiral into questions like, “If Christ isn’t the Son of God, then does His death actually cover my sin debt?”

Because of the resurrection, we have assurance that Christ has broken the chains of sin’s captivity. His blood has removed the burden of the law and lavished us with His grace (Galatians 3).

4. Our hope of Heaven doesn’t exist.

I’ve been blessed with a beautiful Christian heritage, and I look forward to seeing my great-grandparents and grandparents in Heaven. Heaven is known as the final resting place for the Christian soul, where we can dwell in the presence of our Savior and worship Him for all eternity. However, without the resurrection of Christ, an empty faith and a remaining captivity of sin cannot produce any hope of Heaven. Our sin would continue to bar us from God’s presence.

5. We are without a doubt the most miserable people on Earth.

This world is eaten up with questions. People ask What’s my purpose?, Why am I here?, and What’s the point? As Christians, we have no reason to be consumed by these questions because we have hope in Christ. However, if the resurrection isn’t true, that hope is false and therefore doesn’t exist. Without the resurrection, we can spiral into the questions as mentioned above and be consumed by hopelessness. We’d be no different than those who live their lives without Christ.

I am so thankful that we do have the resurrection and that we have the opportunity to celebrate Easter. So whether remembering Easter means you read through the Crucifixion story as a family or making Pinterest treats, rejoice in the resurrection of our Savior and all that it means to you.



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