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Jesus was very specific in the small number of words He chose to utter during His last moments.


He knew the importance that each declaration would hold, so He made sure meaning was contained in each. Some were spoken to fulfill prophecies made years ago, others to ensure that those He loved would be taken care of once His time on Earth was finished. Still others were spoken as lessons for us to learn from years later. No matter the reason, each should be remembered for what they represent.


Forgiveness, promise, loneliness, suffering, victory, love, trust—all are represented in Jesus’ seven last sayings, and all contain truths that we can learn and grow from. Walk through each saying as you lead up to Easter and prepare to celebrate Jesus' sacrifice for His people.


As you read, we hope you fall deeper in love with your Savior Jesus, who sacrificed everything long ago on this week so that we could have a relationship with Him today. His words remind us of His character. And His character draws us to love Him more.


This 8 day Devotional will greater acquaint you with His character, His love, and His cross. Read along with us as you prepare your hearts for Easter, and learn about the final words of our Savior.

Words From The Cross (E-book)

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