How long should my story be?

Written stories should be between 500-700 words. But it's okay if they're shorter or longer! We just want to see God shine through you. See sample stories here.

What should I write about?

All the stories at Lane of Roses are different, but they share a common denominator - a relationship with God changed everything. To get started, check out these printable/downloadable worksheets we have created for you: Click here for the Guide to Sharing Your Story.

When will my story be posted?

All story submissions are reviewed for Biblical content and proofreading. We schedule our blog content in advance, so it could be a few months, but you will be notified when a date is scheduled for your story to post!


How long should my video be?

We like to keep Identity Check videos to 60 seconds or less. 

What should I talk about?

The purpose of an Identity Check is to help you live rooted securely in who God is and who He made you to be. Think of what God is teaching you this week through a verse or some other circumstance, and answer: Who is God? Who are you? What are you going to do about it? See sample Identity Checks from others in our community here.

Does my video need to be professional?

No! Identity Checks are all about God's real, everyday work in the lives of real, everyday women. We do ask that you try to film it somewhere quiet and with bright enough lighting for us to see you well! Most Identity Checks are recorded with phone cameras.

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