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Our Social Media Ambassador team is designed to equip women to live out their God-given purpose through using their gift of communication and leadership to welcome others into the Kingdom of God.

Our Commitment to You!

At Lane of Roses we care far more about who you God made you to be than anything you will do for us. We want to invest in you as you live out your God-given purpose. Below are some of the benefits and support you will receive in being a part of the Lane of Roses Social Media Ambassador Team.


We were created for community and at Lane of Roses we believe community is essential. That is why every team is connected online via a Facebook Group and through Zoom Meetings. You will meet and connect with women all over the globe who are living out their God-given purpose through leading a Bible Study as well.

Free Resources

As a team member you will have access to tons of Lane of Roses resources for free or at a discounted price You will also be provided with all the resources you will need for your Bible Study to thrive.


The Lane of Roses Bible Study Ambassador Team Lead will be with you every step of the way as you lead and disciple your Bible Study.

Prayer Partner

Each Lane of Roses Team Member is paired with a woman from Titus Women's Ministry who will pray for them once a week and encourage them in their faith journey.


We want you to feel as prepared as possible as you live out your role on the Lane of Roses Team. That is why we offer easy to follow in depth training to get you all set up for your Lane of Roses Ambassador experience. You will also receive ongoing training specific to your role at Lane of Roses.





At Lane of Roses we offer tools, resources and training in order to develop the leadership skills God has given you.



We are committed to guiding you as you grow in your faith. We want you to know who God is and who He made you to be.


Our heart, at the end of the day, is to see you live out your God-given purpose. We are here to root for you no matter where God leads you. We want to encourage you, love on you, and help you discover your idenity in Christ. 

Expectations in Being a Lane of Roses Bible Study Ambassador

We ask each Lane of Roses Social Media Ambassador to Commit to:

  • The program for one year (though you can stay on longer).

  • Sending 2-3 assigned video recordings a month to your Team Lead to be used on the Lane of Roses Social Media Platform.

  • Sharing Lane of Roses Facebook post twice a month on your personal Facebook.

  • Posting about Lane of Roses on your personal Instagram at least once a month.

  • Boosting engagement on Lane of Roses social media posts through liking and commenting

  • Pinning something from or Lane of Roses Pinterest 1-2 times a month.

  • Meeting all deadlines of assignments given.

  • Signing and upholding the Lane of Roses Code of Conduct. 

  • Engaging in a relationship with your Prayer Partner. 

  • Attending Social Media Ambassador online meetings. 

  • Engaging in the Lane or Roses Social Media Ambassador Facebook Group in order to encourage and support your team members. 

All Lane of Roses Ambassadors must apply and participate in an interview before getting started. Click the button below to apply. 

Testimonial from one of our Ambassadors

Frequently Asked Questions

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As a 501c3 nonprofit, our ministry is made possible by God's provision through generous gifts from our Mission Partners and Sponsors.



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