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Thank you so much for your interest in submitting a piece for the Lane of Roses Blog: Penning Purpose! We are excited to read your writing and come alongside you as you seek to glorify God and share how He is working in your life. 

Our vision for Penning Purpose is that women would be able to come to this space and learn about what it means to live a purposeful life; that every piece they read would point them back to the fact that God has an intentional purpose and plan for His people. Our blog posts are here to provide practical, valuable faith content to the Lane of Roses Community and to provide an avenue for women to explore faith.

As you consider submitting your writing for consideration for the Lane of Roses Blog, we ask that you read through the following submission guidelines and write with these in mind. 


  • All submissions for the Lane of Roses Blog must be a six-minute read or less. Aim for between 750 and 1,500 words. 

  • All submissions must be based on and backed by Scripture. As the inherent Word of God, we believe that Scripture is fully true and therefore any writing that goes against principles in Scripture will not be considered. 

  • All submissions must use language that is welcoming and accessible to all people. 

  • All submissions will be reviewed according to the Chicago Manual of Style and the Lane of Roses Style Guide, both found below. 


  • All submissions will be titled using the theme: “Purpose in…” Therefore it must relate in some way to our God-given purpose. 

  • Submissions may be in any literary style (anecdote, poem, article, etc.) so long as they are written in a way that is compelling, descriptive, gentle, imaginative, practical, and always points the reader back to Christ. As a good check to ensure that Scripture remains the focus of the piece, no more than ¼ of your submission should be a personal anecdote. 

  • All submissions should use NLT as the main translation for quoted Scripture. If NLT is not used, please cite the translation used for any Scripture reference. 

  • Before submission, all pieces should be checked thoroughly for grammatical, spelling, and syntactic errors. Submissions with a large presence of grammatical and syntactical errors will not be chosen for publication.  


After submission, all writing will go through a 3 step review process where it will be reviewed according to Biblical accuracy, grammar and syntax, and compliance with the above guidelines. 

After the review process is complete, we will return the writing piece to you with marked revisions for your acceptance. These revisions must be made in order for your piece to be published on the Blog. 


Lane of Roses reserves the right to publish or not publish any piece submitted for Penning Purpose. 

All titles for Penning Purpose will be phrased “Purpose in…” We reserve the right to change any title in order to better match the style and consistency of our blog. 

All submissions chosen for publication will post within 6 months of submission unless the volume of submissions warrants a longer timeline, at which point you will be notified. 


Use the form below to submit your piece. Feel free to include links to your personal blog or website, book, and/or social media accounts in your bio. 

Please note: we do not offer compensation for articles that are published on our site.

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If your piece is published, we will include a short bio. Please include what you would like it to say.

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