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"If you want to know your true self—who you were created to be—it starts with knowing God. Having an accurate view of His character and believing He is who He says He is. And when you know who God is and who He made you to be, it leads to a life lived on purpose and for a holy purpose! You were made in His image, created anew to serve and glorify Him." - Rebekah Perryman, Created Anew


This 2-week Devotional from Lane of Roses is packed full of truth regarding who God is and who He says you are. It’s the perfect way to start learning about what it looks like to have your identity rooted in Christ and how to live out the purpose He gives you. 


Walk through this study on your own, with a friend, or with a small group and be encouraged by the daily reflection questions and the weekly activities. Created Anew also pairs perfectly with A Life of Purpose: A Guide All about Learning to Live a Life on Purpose and for a Purpose.

Created Anew Devotional

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