What is Lane of Roses?

We create resources and spaces that invite women to explore faith, connect to community, and learn to live out their God-given purpose.

You're invited here. We can't wait to meet you! Find your spot below:


Whether you're just checking out the Christian faith or have been a Christian for years, we have resources, devotions, and more for YOU!


Read written God Stories, watch Story Videos, or learn how to share your own God Story with us!

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At Lane of Roses, you are always invited, and there is always a place for you. Check out our events, Bible Studies, and more!

About Our Name

The name Lane of Roses originally came from Sorority Row between Rose Lane and Rose Street at the University of Kentucky, where our founder Katie Humphress first began sharing her faith story with sorority women to invite them to learn more about a relationship with God. 

And now? It's even more than that. When we think of a true "lane of roses," we see a pathway lined with fields of flourishing roses of all colors and types, blooming beautifully side by side and in doing so, reflecting the goodness of the God who created them and welcoming others to grow and follow God too. 

This picture is what it could look like in a world where every woman knows who God is and how He made her on purpose, for a purpose - a God-given purpose of receiving His love, loving Him back, loving others, and inviting others to love Him too. That's a world where women are engaged, empowered, and equipped to live out their God-given purpose, and that's a world we want to see this side of Heaven.

So we
engage women in faith conversations online and in person through social media and different events; we empower women to know who God is through Daily Devotions, our App, Bible Study Groups, and other faith resources; and we equip women to tell others who God is through our Ambassador Teams.

What started in central Kentucky on a university campus has expanded to a global ministry for women of all ages and stages to explore faith, share stories of hope, and connect to community; and we won't stop until every woman knows who God is and who He created her to be.